Replacing Broken Springs?

We have many sizes available from stock and can custom make if need be.

We can courier to anywhere in New Zealand.

Measurement of the wire gauge needs to be very accurate. If you do not have verniers to measure, the best way is to count 20 loops of the spring and let us know the length of those 20 loops. Common sizes are 5mm, 5.3mm, 5.6mm, 6.0mm and 6.3mm.

Spring length excluding hooks ___mm

Outside Spring Diameter __mm

Spring Wire gauge _._mm

Please note that if you are replacing the springs yourself, this is a job that needs to be undertaken with great care. Please use an experienced installer if you are unsure.

The wrong springs or uneven springs on each side will cause the door to twist and likely burn out the motor if the door is electric.We are happy to work with you to ensure you get the right spring. Ask through the Contact Us Page or Message us through Facebook Messenger.

These springs are galvanized to ensure a long life.
We will supply springs based on the measurements you provide but can take no responsibility if the measurements you provide are inappropriate for the application they are used for.


Our Tilt Door Springs are made from wire of trusted tensile strength. We have a strict QA system monitored for each process during manufacture including batch testing and life cycling of springs.

We have developed the loop at each end of the spring to ensure consistent fatigue performance throughout the life of our product.

With bulk ordering we can work with our customers to achieve MOQ’s requirements and lead times that suit the market needs.

We can also design springs for our customer’s requirements using our proven software.


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